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creating epic shifts in personal awareness


Our goal with The Imagination Project is to provide interesting and engaging articles that inspire, motivate and empower readers.  We hope that you will find informative articles that might make you stop and think or maybe learn something new!  Our writers are some of the most skilled, experienced and wise practitioners and experts in their respective fields.  

We are always looking for new ideas and thoughts so please reach out to us so we can better assist you in creating an epic shift in your personal awareness!

We will be presenting interviews that are reprinted from previous issues DreamWeaver Magazine (2004-2014).  These interviews contain timeless information for achieving growth and/or finding inner peace.  We hope you enjoy these previously published articles.  While the name may be different, The Imagination Project will still focus on the quality of information presented by an expert group of practitioners/teachers/authors.  Many of the previous DreamWeaver writers are returning to The Imagination Project as well as several new authors.  We will be able to grow into a new future using DreamWeaver experience as a firm foundation to build upon!