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A Simple “Yes” or “No”

By Annette Head

Why are choices so difficult to make?
For that matter one choice is sometimes too much.
Your mind keeps mulling and mulling around with the "what ifs".
While your sleepless body tossed and turned through out the night.
With all of your might searching for a solution.
Only to awake with more unanswered questions.

An answer is simply a "yes" or "no".
It's as easy as that.........they say
Saying "yes" is such a heartfelt choice.
Brings up warm feelings that grow inside till a broaden smile arises.
Is it really that easy to lead with our heart?
If so, then why would we reply"no" to what would bring us happiness.
Will it really take that much time, money and energy or is a new commitment what we fear?

Isn't life supposed to be filled with a variety of experiences to explore?
Then saying "no" would simply just shut the door.
Go ahead and say that"NO" aloud.
Keep your dreams safely tucked away in your head.
Spin a cocoon and live there too.
For your life will be lived alone and experiences shall never be told.

Or take in the crisp morning air and breathe it in through your body to wash away all fears.
With that strong out breath, what do we hear?
The thundering hoof beat of wild horses under your feet.
Rising within the rhythm takes a hold, oh the visions of stories to be told.
The breath begins with a quiet kitten purring sound, which grows to a proud lion with a mighty roar!
How freeing as an eagle soars, to hear your "YES" being sung!
Like the feeling that captures a wide-eyed small child hearing bells rung!
With your arms outwardly spread and your mind clear of all fear.
Just feel the sound of your heart, as you have chosen to let it live, thrive and grow, by embracing this world with the love that you know