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Arrival of the Light Beings

By Linda Haley

“What do I call you?” she asked.  “Visitors?  Multidimensional beings?”

She had heard that they didn’t like to be called “aliens.” She supposed that made sense, since they probably also saw us as alien.  And “extraterrestrial” seemed sterile and cumbersome, as though a scientist put a non-committal label on something he didn’t fully understand.

 “We are not visitors,” he responded quietly. “We are a part of the fabric of your culture.”

She paused, then realized that was probably true.  They had been here as long as the planet.

“You may call us friends.”   Another pause as she thought about it.  She didn’t quite understand the relationship but thought that they definitely had become friends. In an extraterrestrial kind of way.

It took quite a while, maybe even several years, to believe that she was actually in contact with someone from another dimension. Or maybe it was a planet.  She wasn’t entirely sure.  And then it took even longer to have the courage to tell others.  She really hoped it would be different this time because it didn’t go very well before.  There was whispering and concern.  Had she gotten into drugs?   Maybe she was looking for attention or possibly these were the first signs of mental illness?   In the beginning, she wondered if they were right.  Was she perhaps going crazy?  And now she was asked to publicly talk about everything.

“Tell your story,” he had said.  “They must understand that we are here to help.”  She wondered if she had a choice, after all humans were supposed to have free will, weren’t they?  Didn’t he realize how much she was dreading this?   Probably, since he already asked her twice “what is your perceived blockage?”  She wasn’t sure if she was being gently reassured or seriously reprimanded.  She couldn’t figure out how he even knew that she hadn’t started the book.  But then she realized that he seemed to know pretty much everything.  Including everything that had happened to her for her entire life.

Probably also what was coming for all of us.

She was afraid that it would be worse for her this time, especially since even more people would know and she had so much more to tell.   And why did she feel such urgency?  Did she realize it on her own or hear it in the messages to her?  She wasn’t sure. 

She would be ridiculed by people who didn’t even know her.   She could handle that, she supposed, but what happens if they hate me, or worse?   What happens if they’re angry by what I have to say?  There were things that some people didn’t want to hear.  And there were people who didn’t want anyone to know.  But she also knew that there would be so many more people who wanted, who needed to hear the message.

This was important to him.  To all of them.  Actually, his exact words were “critically critically important.”   It must be pretty serious for them to come all this way just to help.  She wasn’t completely sure why it was so important or what role she played in this massive cosmic chess game, but she had always listened to her vibes.  Even the tiny part she knew about was still overwhelming. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to know more.

And he also said, more than once, that “time is limited.”  She suspected that this might be the reason for the sense of urgency.   She wasn’t sure how to communicate that urgency when she wasn’t really sure what was coming.

She also wasn’t sure how to even begin or which incidents she should share.  What about all the scary times?  Should she even mention the terrifying experiences in the dead of night, the unexplained marks on her body, or seeing things right in front of her that weren’t supposed to exist?  She had spent a lifetime trying to forget.  Now having to remember just to tell others made her sick.

“Tell everything.  Those experiences are part of your story.”

For some reason, her story was part of his story. And the greater story.  Maybe that was part of the plan all along.  She had no doubt that her experiences had really happened, so all she had to do was tell others how she got from there to here.

This is her story.

* * * * *

In 2011, I was introduced to a 5th dimensional being named Avratar who unexpectedly spoke through one of my long-time clients.   Dan was in a deep relaxation during a Reiki session and the movements, the voice and the message were definitely not coming from him.   As my experiences as a Reiki practitioner and instructor tended more towards working with past lives or perhaps identifying spirit attachments, my first impression was that this would be a relatively routine session, easily releasing memories or entities attached to his field.   I was wrong; this contact was unlike any other I had previously encountered.

Dan was dubious that he would have channeled anything, much less an inter-dimensional being. He had no memory of anything other than having taken a relaxing nap.   Personable and willing to assist in recreating the experience, he willingly returned for regular sessions to find out more about the mysterious voice from beyond.  Audio and video recordings for the next few years would provide documentation of a truly significant experience for all of us.

After several years, ten colleagues have been able to independently connect with Avratar, as well as with a growing body of other higher vibrational beings.  A book entitled “Arrival of the Light Beings” is nearing completion; the introduction to the book was included above. 

Several messages have been consistently received from all light beings: 

1) You are more loved and supported than you can possibly imagine.  You are now and have always been connected to All That Is.

2) Earth and her people are hurting.  Misuse of resources and mistreating others have created situations that are unsustainable.

3) Nuclear proliferation has the potential of devastating consequences, which threaten more than Earth and its occupants.

4) We will be arriving to help.

Arrival is not a matter of if, but when.  If there are others who are receiving similar messages, the time has now come to unite our resources to create a network of lightworkers.   I welcome your collaboration.

Linda Haley - Featured Writer Bio

Linda Haley is the founder and executive director of The Reiki Center for Healing Arts, Columbus, Ohio.