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By Vicki Keller

Dreams unfold to riches untold.
(Vicki Keller)

The calendar has unfolded and we now begin a new year. Ahead of us lies a fresh start full of burgeoning promise and hope. Are you ready for what the New Year holds for you? I feel a lot of furrowing brows out there, trying to focus a million thoughts on what top priorities could hold the keys to your happiness. While there are a lot of self-help tools out there that could undoubtably help, have any of you considered helping yourself through your dreams? Yes it is possible to hitch your horse up and cart your dreams out into the open to help you sort out your life. Please unfurrow those brows now as you are going to create needless worry lines. I am here to help and guide you through the dream self-help process and it is way easier than you ever thought.

Your dreams arise from the inner vaults called your super and subconscious. Within those walls lie your most vivid hopes, goals and even fears.  Our goal is two-fold. First I want to help you draw those emotions and dreams out into the open to hold up to the light and examine them. Secondly we need to learn how to take charge of those dreams and have them work for you. Yes, you can actually be in charge of your dreams. Is the process easy? Well for some it is like falling off a log. For others, it takes some time and practice. In the end, you never know which category you fall within, until you actually try. Let’s get started shall we?

Let’s start with defining your dreams. This is a crucial, yet easy, step that has eluded many people. It can be frustrating to look up keywords in a store bought dictionary and wonder what in the world they are babbling about, right? Ok so follow me and my thoughts here. Dreams are nothing more than your mind acting out emotions found stored within your mind. They are your inner self trying to get your attention about something she feels is important. She pokes and prods about in the vault until she finds some shred of the emotion she is trying to convey. So the first thing to take note of when you awaken, what is the tone, or the emotion of your dream? Were you happy, sad or maybe excited or fearful? Write it down. This is important.

The next step would be symbols. Most people interested in their dreams invest in a book of dream symbols. This would be a good first step, but let’s define the process a bit ok? The thing to remember about dream books is that the best and most accurate one is within you. While books are definitely handy while getting started, you will want to arrive at a place where you trust your inner dictionary first. Consider the fact that different objects have different meanings to others. My best example is clowns. I adore them. I find them funny and very entertaining.  Coulrophobia is a fear of clowns. Many people possess it. So therefore how could the book meaning of clowns possibly be the same definition? My best advice to you on choosing a dream book is to not just pick the cool cover. Instead chose a word with a personal meaning to you, like clowns, and look it up. How does the author define it? Does it feel comfortable to you? If not, chose another book.

Dream symbols are a very personal affair. Please remember they are just that, symbols, or suggestions. When your inner self chooses what movie to play out in your mind, remember she is first choosing emotion. So what symbols appear may seem disjointed to the dream you just experienced. For example, perhaps your dream was of a teddy bear and the emotion was fear. Think back in your lifetime. Did you at one time lose a teddy bear and it made you feel sad, fearful or agitated? The emotion is the key here. Your inner self chose that bear symbol because of the emotions attached to it. The bear is secondary, unless you just experienced something that involved a bear.  Your inner self is trying to point out to you that fear is the mitigating factor in your life right now.

There are some definitions that are kind of standard, if you will. Ascending in any form is ascending in life, whether it is spiritual or else wise.  So by comparison is descending. Numbers seem to hold their own mystical and magical ways about themselves. A house or building of any kind really, is representative of you. Where bedroom equals sexual or relationship matters, family room would be family and nursery babies or childhood. The kitchen however is a special place in a dream building. It is where the sustenance of life is mixed and ingested. Proper dream books will explain these commonalities and more. 

So now you have your dream book, your emotions and symbols to consider. The perfect place is within a dream journal. It doesn’t have to be fancy or leather bound. A spiral notebook works perfectly well for this purpose. The more you write, the more you will remember about your dreams. Your dreams bypass the memory part of your brain, so catching what you can when you awaken is very important. In time, you will be amazed and delighted at just how much you will recall.

When you are a bit more practiced in all of this dream journaling, it will be time to move onto lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming is a very powerful dream and life altering tool. In lucid dreaming, a person can see their dream with part of their consciousness and help to control the unfolding events. In this manner of practice, you can learn to overcome fears, conquer goals and achieve a happier state of mind. It will most likely take some time to achieve this ability or sleep state. It is what I like to call the ‘tween’. You are in between sleep and wake states. It is a delicate balance that any noise or disturbance can shatter. It can be entered by a variety of means. It is a matter of finding what works best for you. You could try meditation to begin with. It seems to be the most popular by far. Try centering yourself and lie comfortably. If you find it too hard to clear your mind of thought, try visual meditation. In it, you imagine yourself immersed in a peaceful, secluded scene of your choosing. In time you will come to be able to recognize when you are indeed in a dream state. Watch what unfolds. Correct those things that affect you the most. If it is fear for example, turn and face it rather than running away.

Before long you will begin to see a major change in your life. Your thoughts will not be as muddled or emotional. Your goals will be before you and you will be able to find the means to meet them. So go on now. Go get your book, notebook and pen and get ready to begin a new year. You won’t be alone. Your inner self is right there cheering you along.

Sweet Dreams!



Vicki Keller resides in a small town in West Virginia.  She is happily married and mother of one son.  She currently has a website under construction for dream interpretations and tarot readings.