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The Wisdom of Animals - Coyote Magic

By Nada Maibach

One of the most healing things we can do for ourselves is get out in nature. I will admit I don’t do if often enough, especially in the winter months. Nature has the ability to heal and it may seem subtle at times but it is a way to restore and renew our energy.

When I am on these walks I take in all of the landscape around me and feel the beauty of it. I silently express my gratitude to the Creator for everything I see. I’m specific about that. For example, I express my gratitude for the sky, the clouds, the sun, the air that we breathe, the wind, the plant kingdom and the animal kingdom and for Mother Earth. I feel this is a way to give back to the Earth for the Earth gives us a tremendous amount and much of what the Earth gives us we take for granted.

Once I do what I call my Earth Blessing I take note of the animals around me. Because I live in an area that has been fairly unpopulated (until recently) we have many species of animals to enjoy. There is a wide variety of birds (including turkeys), deer, rabbits and the somewhat elusive coyotes. We also have the nighttime visitors:  opossum, raccoons, and skunks. (Disclaimer: wild animals are just that, they must be respected and not approached. In this situation I was looking, not touching.)

I was walking my dog on a cloudy day and as usual I was taking in nature and enjoying the day. The rode I walk down is a dead end road with wide open fields on one side and houses on large lots on the other side of the road. As we turned around I saw a coyote walking out of the woods toward the middle of the field beside me. We were walking parallel to the coyote. I got pretty excited because the road curves toward the field with a slight hill. I knew if we stayed on this trajectory that we could get an even closer look at the coyote. I was already excited about the closeness of this magnificent animal so I was anticipating moving closer. I never took my eyes off the coyote we continued walking parallel to each other. Suddenly the coyote disappeared. I stood there dumbfounded. I ran every scenario through my mind questioning the validity of what I just witnessed. Sometimes a field can appear to be flat but isn’t, that rationale didn’t work because the backend of the coyote disappeared at the same time as the front end. Was there a hole in the ground or den that it went into? Again, the backend disappeared at the same time as the front end. Did the coyote change direction – same explanation as in the two previous scenarios? Once the field dried out I walked that field and it is as flat as a pancake.

So what do I make of this? I just witnessed magic. Many people have said that I could get the answer to what happened. Well, guess what – I don’t want an answer. This experience has magic in it because I can tell the story and still feel that sense of awe and now as I’m writing this account I still feel the awe!  That’s the magic! I love having a sense of wonder and this experience I’m sharing with you has that sense of wonder. It literally makes my heart happy and I feel lighter when I think of it or share it with others.

I share this story with you because as we come into this New Year maybe you will look for magic in your life. It can be an entirely different experience. Magic is something that gives us a sense of awe and joy. Not everything has to be explained away, we can open our hearts and mind to wonderment and wonderment and magic can be experienced in an infinite amount of ways.

May you receive the wonderment and magic in your lives in this upcoming year and beyond.

Nada Maibach - Featured Writer Bio

Nada Maibach is an Ordained Minister with the Church of Radiant Lights, and is Ordained into the Priesthood according to the Order of Melchizedek. She offers spiritual guidance through channeling Ascended Masters. Nada has channeled throughout the United States and Canada to groups and individuals. Nada began her work with animal communication, including pets alive and deceased and she works with all species. Animal totems are also a specialty with Nada, as she assists people to be guided through their own animal totem messages. Nada is a Reiki Master and offers energy sessions including messages. Nada is an artist inspired from her love of nature and animals. Website: