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New Year Resolutions

By Lisa Noland-Shalosky

With each new year we put pressure on ourselves to create New Year resolutions, and if we fall short of reaching them, we judge ourselves.  Instead of creating resolutions that you won’t actually follow through with or even start, consider something different.  That something different is freeing your mind of the way you think.  Yep, free your mind.

Now, I’ve been on this quest for years…and still a work in progress.  But with each passing year I find myself more and more free from the mind. 

So, what do I mean by freeing your mind?  It’s freeing you from the judgment you place on yourself for absolutely everything you say and do.  It’s freeing you from the need to be something outside of yourself.  It’s freeing you from you.

We are all victims of our past, that’s just life.  However, it’s how we choose to think of our past that makes the difference.  You no longer have to be a victim of your past, and the past no longer has to define who you are and what you do.  That’s what I mean by freeing the mind.

Think of it this way, we all have limiting beliefs that keep us held to our past.  They go something like this, “I’m not good enough to do (fill in the blank)” or “I never have the support I need because of (fill in the blank)”, “I never have enough money to (fill in the blank)”.  There are also limiting statements that we’ve heard growing up such as, “Money doesn’t grow on trees”,  ‘Money is the root of all evil”, “You have to work hard for a living”, “You have to work for someone else to make it in this world”, and the list goes on and on.  Sound familiar? 

These beliefs were instilled in us from a very young age by our parents, teachers, clergy, you name it, and we accepted them as our truth. 

As you begin to free the mind of these self-professed limiting beliefs then you have this unlimited playground in which to manifest all your wants, dreams, wishes and desires.  It’s truly liberating the mind from itself!  It all begins with an awareness of the limiting beliefs that you carry in your mind.  Once you recognize it, you can begin to work with the energy of it and release it.

For example, when I was in grade school, even middle school, I hated gym…with a passion.  It didn’t start out that way, though.  I never was, nor am I now, an athletic person.  When it came to gym class and there were teams to be assigned the teacher would always pick the team captain and let them choose one by one who they wanted to be on their respective teams.  Well, guess who would be one of the last kids picked?  That’s right, me.  So that created, as I know it now, a limiting belief within myself that I wasn’t good enough to be picked. 

It gets better.  If we were to play dodge ball, guess who they threw the ball at first?  Yep, that’s right, me.  So, it got to the point when the game began, I would just stand in one place and let them tag me out so I could put myself out of my own misery.  The limiting belief of not being good enough to be picked was now rooted in my subconscious mind and would play out again and again throughout the years well into my adult life.

Now, as an adult, I avoided experiences that would put me in a position of being picked.  Sound familiar?  The limiting belief was that I wasn’t good enough to be picked, so I strategically set up experiences where that belief couldn’t play itself out to keep me safe.  That’s just what we do. 

All of us, in some form or fashion create experiences that keep us safe, and the birthplace of this is limiting beliefs which are stored in the subconscious and unconscious mind.  However, once you become aware of these beliefs and how they play themselves out, you begin to free the mind.  See how this works?

Limiting beliefs are created, we accept them as our truth, we then begin to create a life around those limiting beliefs and live a life avoiding experiences that will validate those beliefs.  It’s the merry-go-round of life.  But you have the choice to get off the merry-go-round and create new beliefs that are in alignment with your truth which is based in love, not fear.   It all starts with awareness.  It starts with changing the mind and releasing the limiting beliefs that you have accepted as truth all these years.  And as you begin to release these limiting beliefs, you are freeing the mind from its old ways of thinking and creating a whole new you! 

It doesn’t require you to make any crazy New Year resolutions to lose weight, join a gym, or whatever story your mind told you that would make you accept yourself.  No, it’s about setting yourself free, acknowledging those experiences for what they are, just experiences.  Here’s the other cool thing, by letting go of the limiting beliefs that no longer serve you, you lose the weight you’ve been trying to lose and get the new job you’ve been trying to get. The list goes on and on.  Don’t believe me?  Try it! 

Every time you identify a limiting belief, sit with it.  Ask it where it came from, what is its origination?  Was it something your parents always use to say?  It is from an earlier experience that you have now accepted as your truth.  This is awareness.  And once you have an awareness of the limiting belief, then you can begin to release it and free the mind and create a new life for yourself!

Perhaps the greatest New Year’s resolution you can set is to free your mind from limiting beliefs so that you too can live the greatest, most authentic life possible.  Freedom from the self-limiting beliefs of the mind and freedom to be the greatest version of you that you can become.  Join me in making this your 2020 New Year’s Resolution!

Lisa Noland-Shalosky - Featured Writer Bio

Lisa Noland-Shalosky is a Psychic Medium, Certified Spiritual Advisor and Certified Master Teacher through the Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development (

Lisa has dedicated her life to her work with spirit and over the past 10 years has shared this gift with clients all over the world.  Providing help and healing messages to guiding clients through difficult areas of life, Lisa is helping to change the lives of many through her connection to spirit.