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Grounded or Ascended: Moving from Third Dimension

By Melissa Leath

“… man is a multi-dimensional being living in a third dimensional body, and experiencing this lifetime in a third dimensional world.”
– Emerson King

We are at a point in evolution that makes us scratch our heads.  Do we stay in the third dimension, or do we ascend?  If we are ascending, then why should we be grounded?

Many of us over the past few years have been wishing to ascend into the Age of Aquarius.  We want to raise the frequency of the body to transform or become multi-dimensional: to actually transmute into higher frequency instead of the cumbersome physical body.

But let’s think about this for a minute ~

Our true selves, or spirit beings, have come to the third dimension to experience earth.  So, if we transform the physical body (and earth plane) into higher dimensions, then we are forsaking our prime directive:  to experience the third dimension.

It seems more reasonable to become all we can be by opening ourselves to higher frequency of the spirit body while still maintaining Earth energy in the physical body.

As we move into higher vibrations, the regular world will seem out of balance.  You feel that things are changing but have lost control of the results.  Look at these examples.

Confusion.  You become disoriented and confused about direction or location.  There are two areas that could be affecting you.  Both have to do with balance.  Take a walk outside barefoot in your yard.  This instantly grounds your body to earth.  Also, the confusion can come from and unbalanced ego.  Check the motivations for your actions or words.  If your ego grows too big, it will cut you off from your Source.  But, if it is not big enough, you will never be a whole person.

Experiment:  Keep your feet together and arms up in a “Y” shape.  This opens you to other realms and higher information, such as communicating with your guides, etc.  But will make you feel off center.  Then stand with your feet spread out at shoulder width and arms in a slightly downward angle, like an upside down “V”.  This will ground your spirit in the body, making it easier to maneuver on Earth.  Test how you feel with each position, finding your particular balance or experiment with variation of these positions.

Lethargy.  You feel sluggish, and not like doing anything.  You feel like your energy body is trying to ‘reboot.’  This is evidence that pieces of the higher realms are leaking into our third dimension.  And it is happening without your knowledge or permission.  You must realize that you, and you alone are in control of your energy field.  Own that power.  Start asking questions of your higher self (in meditation or a state of contemplation) to find out where these leaks are coming from.  You can have a very serious and earnest conversation with yourself.  Close these areas or welcome them, depending on what feels right for you.

Suggestion:  While sitting quietly, open up a talk with your inner self.  Tell yourself that you know there must be certain leaks in your energy field from higher realms that you have not given permission to access.  You will ask yourself yes/no questions to find those leaks.  For example:  “Is there a leak in the energy field of my forehead?”  (touch your forehead)  You will get a definite feeling of affirmative or negative.  Then ask about the heart area. (put your hand on your heart)  Wait for the answer.  Continue on intuitively until you have connected to all areas that might be leaking.  Then say to yourself, “I give myself permission to seal those leaks at this time.  When I am able to handle the higher vibrations in that area, I will be open to receive them.”  Always convey appreciation to your higher self for this conversation.

Blockages:  You may feel aches and pains as your body starts to release blocked or stifled energy.  The frequencies of food, medication and other environmental factors can feel different when you start of move into higher realms.  In order to stay grounded be particular about the frequencies of the foods you eat.  You may recognize that certain foods do not make you feel good anymore.  Nourish your physical body with nutritious foods.

Food with negative energy or lower vibrations tears down the physical body and opens it to disease.  It can also cause problems in your subtle body system and slow down your evolution.

Processed foods, additives, dyes, hormones, and many medications (and even certain supplements) can all be problems for your well-being.  This is the problem that the energy-sensitive Indigos ran into when they began to incarnate in Earth’s plane.  Their sensitive systems were contaminated by foods that don’t resonate with their higher vibration.  This is when many had reactions and health problems, such as attention deficit disorder (like an energy failure) and hyperactivity (like energy surges), leading to misdiagnosis and overmedication.

Like the new Indigos, we as adults holding higher frequencies, find that our bodies cannot hold the negative vibrations of all of the garbage going in.  The “old system” can make us sick.  Organic nourishment holds a much higher vibration and thus are better suited to the transforming body and evolving psychic senses.

Thoughts on food changes:  Know that being open to possible food shifts does not mean you have committed to total change. “I give myself permission to consider changing one type of food.”  That way, you may want to stop eating as much fried foods as usual.  Or changing a candy bar for and bowls of grapes.  There are plenty of things you can shift in small increments that do not make you feel like you are depriving yourself.  As you begin to feel the energy change in your body, you will feel empowered to make other small changes.

Keeping yourself grounded, ego in check, blockages/leaks maintained and staying aware of your own vibrations is the best way to achieve your ascension process – and stay grounded in the physical, too.  This way it is done in a deliberate and effective manner.

As you can see, moving into higher vibrations requires a new mindset.  You must redefine who you are, your responsibility to others and yourself.  Ponder on these thoughts and see how you can implement them into your life.

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Melissa Leath, owner of Off the Beaten Path Intuitive Arts, facilitator of the Professional Psychic Medium Certification Program™, instructs adults and empathic kids.  Author of Psychic Integrity and Does Your Child See Sparkles? Intuitive Arts Learning Center is an online, virtual portal with classes and workshops.