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The Wisdom of Animals - Crow and Red-Tail Hawk

By Nada Maibach

All my life I have had a strong affinity for animals and nature.  I learned over twenty years ago how to consciously communicate with animals.  Needless to say; I was excited about being able to bridge the gap and receive information.  In that initial phase of my journey with communication with the animals I was drawn to was the red-tail hawk.  I would see them everywhere I went.  At odd moments at home I would feel the urge to go outside but didn’t know why.  This continued to happen and I finally connected it to a red-tail hawk being in the neighborhood.  With no exception every time I went outside a hawk would appear.  One day we were getting ready to go to visit my parents for Thanksgiving.  My dad had been having health issues and I was concerned about this being the last holiday we would get to spend with him.  Suddenly I had a strong urge to go outside and I thought ok, but first I had to locate my glasses and check on my dog who had something on his face so I was being delayed.  The next thing I heard were several crows making a loud ruckus and they sounded like they were at my front door.  I ran to the door and saw they weren’t there but were across the road from my house and were in standing in a field a little further up the road.  I ran outside and saw there were three crows standing on the ground about two feet apart with their backs to the road looking at something.  Approximately about fifty feet away standing on the ground with its back to the crows was a red-tail hawk.  The hawk took flight and once airborne suddenly dropped to the ground landing in a heap.  It was dead.  The hawk had been facing the direction of some trees where the mate had been perched.  The mate took flight.

After witnessing this I was completely shocked and overwhelmed to say the least.  I was absolutely sure my dad was going to be passing away soon.  Didn’t what I just saw confirm that?  When I finally calmed down, I asked for guidance to understand what I had just witnessed.  The message was the crows were there as a reminder that they can guide us into new dimensions when we are ready to continue on our journey.  And, yes, there will be a continuation of our journey when our bodies stop.  Hawks to me represent power, strength and the ability to see the bigger picture.  Seeing the bigger picture was key to this experience.  I was told my dad was not going to transition for a while.  I was to see the process of crossing over with new eyes and understanding and I was given the opportunity to do just that.

My dad passed about three years later.  I was a witness to his passing.  The three crows were my husband, my sister-in-law and me.  His mate was by his side.  (My brother had been with our dad the day before and all that day and was exhausted.  He had to rest, he lived nearby and came back shortly after our dad had passed.)  The day of my dad’s passing had been a long, stressful day.  It was late at night and suddenly I got a second wind and sat straight up.  I felt there was a legion of angels in the room.  The peace I felt was palpable.  The angels/crows were there to do their work; my dad passed peacefully.  It was a beautiful experience.  I am still so very grateful to the red-tail hawks and the crows for their willingness to teach me with love and compassion.  There is so much more to life and beyond.  The animals can teach us if we are willing to listen.

Nada Maibach - Featured Writer Bio

Nada Maibach is an Ordained Minister with the Church of Radiant Lights, and is Ordained into the Priesthood according to the Order of Melchizedek. She offers spiritual guidance through channeling Ascended Masters. Nada has channeled throughout the United States and Canada to groups and individuals. Nada began her work with animal communication, including pets alive and deceased and she works with all species. Animal totems are also a specialty with Nada, as she assists people to be guided through their own animal totem messages. Nada is a Reiki Master and offers energy sessions including messages. Nada is an artist inspired from her love of nature and animals. Website: