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Angelic Messages of Inspiration

By Tammi "WyndRavin" Rager

Close your eyes, think of a question or an area in your life where you’d like clarity (or assistance) and then click one of the lotuses at random to receive your message. Yes, the angels can speak directly to your heart that easily and quickly!  If by chance though you receive a message that doesn’t seem to apply to your question or concern, take this as a message that is meant to guide you.

Each message has an "Intention" which you can use as a positive statement, affirmation or to start a journal writing exercise and then an explanation of what the Intention means.  Below that, you will find information on which angel has given this message to you.  Enjoy!













These messages will change with every issue!  Come back often to receive your message from divine beings.

Tammi "WyndRavin" Rager - Featured Writer Bio

Tammi is a life-long student of metaphysical studies and is the "Numerologist to the Stars" with an international clientele.  She also works with Angelic Beings, the Akashic Records and other various modalities/tools to assist people in achieving their dreams and empowering their lives.  She is the author of three angel books, hosted an online radio program, published a regional holistic/spiritual magazine, created an iPhone app, offered a variety of classes/workshops, works individually with clients and is currently exploring her artistic roots through jewelry and dimensional painting.  Visit her website for details and open studio times.